After reading through a few times, I understand that your decision for surgery was based on a personal preference for being proportional, rather than a lack of confidence. First of all, it’s great that working out was such a powerful source of confidence for you. More power to you!

It sounds to me like you were confident with your body overall, but for whatever reason still unsatisfied with your breasts. Everyone has aspects about themselves that they dislike, so that’s perfectly understandable.

What I don’t understand — and this is my question to you, Tiffany Sun — is your preference. It seems purely aesthetic to me, like preferring brown hair to blonde. Nothing wrong with that, but I am curious. After all, breast augmentation surgery is a lot more costly and complex than simply dying your hair or buying a new pair of shoes. In order to pursue it, you must have had some real motivation to do it.

Furthermore, I understand cosmetic surgery to fix deformities, such as a cleft lip. A cleft lip causes a great deal of problems for a child, which surgery prevents. Small breasts, however, don’t seem to get in the way — on the contrary, they never get in the way! Women with larger breasts actually have a higher chance of potential problems than women with smaller breasts. So, obviously you didn’t get breast augmentation surgery for pragmatic reasons.

Which leads me to believe that you did it for aesthetic reasons. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But our aesthetic preferences generally have a strong correlation to self-confidence. When we look good, we feel good. Therefore, breast augmentation would make you feel confident about your breasts. So I find it difficult to separate confidence from the equation.

I didn’t do it because I wasn’t confident about how I had looked with my breasts

But it seems to me that you weren’t confident with your breasts. Sure, you felt confident with the rest of your body. But not your breasts. You felt unproportional; you didn’t like the way they looked.

The truth is though, that despite my newly-earned confidence and being proud of what I had achieved, I still couldn’t help but feel unproportional. My body, now more defined and slender than it had ever been was actually making those feelings stronger.

Now, it’s possible that I have misread this entire article, so please correct me if I have. This is simply the impression I got, based on what you’ve written. Otherwise, I am very curious to know: Why do you prefer larger breasts?

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