Although intelligence is certainly a powerful tool when used wisely, it is by no means a superior indicator of success. No more than perseverance, curiosity, and motivation are. In fact, I’d argue that intellectual curiosity, rather than intelligence itself, is the most likely indicator of success in life — whether that be personal, professional, or social endeavors.

The traditional IQ score has long lost its novelty. Despite its utility as a rough guideline, it truly stands for very little. As described in Andrea Duckworth’s novel Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, it is often the willingness to persevere, to get up and try again even after multiple failures — to be truly resilient and persistent — that leads to success.

A genius-level IQ score grants no bragging rights when the owner lacks motivation, discipline, and intellectual curiosity.

Holistic Wellness | Psychology | Mental Health | Mindfulness | Nature | Powerful advocate of positive psychology and intellectual curiosity :)

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