Exactly, Jakob. As a huge advocate of mindfulness, I am aware of its intrinsic purpose. It promotes the ability to simply observe our thoughts without necessarily giving them value or interpreting them. Thoughts are simply thoughts. Perhaps I was unclear in the initial explanation — or maybe I chose a misleading title — but I want to emphasize that society’s interpretation of mindfulness, rather than mindfulness itself, is problematic.

Mindfulness is a powerful practice, but the problem with mainstream culture is that it encourages the “everyday Joe ”— with no expertise in mindfulness or the necessary techniques — to dive right in. This is great, if mindfulness is practiced correctly. The problem is, all too often it is not. People make a myriad of mistakes along the way while trying to be “mindful” and end up causing themselves a great deal of stress.

Thank you for taking the time to read and offer some insight. It is greatly appreciated!

Holistic Wellness | Psychology | Mental Health | Mindfulness | Nature | Powerful advocate of positive psychology and intellectual curiosity :)

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