Great question, Mitadru. Mindfulness can become a way of life through deliberate effort, each and every day, to incorporate mindfulness into all areas of your life. Work, academics, relationships, leisure, health, finance, spirituality. Mindfulness is immensely powerful, once you learn to master it.

Once you master it, mindfulness will become easier to you. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Mindfulness is a skill. With diligent practice and commitment, it might become like second nature to you. Habits become easier when we reinforce them consistently. Make mindfulness a habit, and you’ll witness a change.

Still, humans are inherently imperfect. There are various forces at play within the human mind that challenge mindful tendencies on a daily basis. In other words, the human brain wants to think. It wants to ruminate, to analyze, to critique. All these thinking patterns challenge mindfulness.

Even after you master it, your living “in the now” will depend on your continual commitment. Mindfulness will always require hard work and diligence. You have to be willing to work hard sometimes. At times, it will come easily, you will find yourself living in the now, perhaps effortlessly. Moments like these won’t require conscious effort. You will feel harmonious, perhaps like these moments are a gift.

Other moments won’t be so easy. At times, you will find it difficult to live in the now. Your brain will fight back, resisting mindfulness and wanting to give in to its primal cognitive urges. Such is the plight of the human mind. It is constantly evolving, responding to its environment, always ebbing and flowing.

So, yes, with practice, it becomes easier to live in the now. To live mindfully. Mindfulness can become a habit, a consistent way of living. But it’s important to be humble, and remember that you are never fully freed from the shackles of the human mind. The mind changes by the moment. At any moment, your mindful state could slip away. So I don’t believe you should ever give up practicing. Mindfulness should be a consistent practice. And remember, all we truly have is right now.

Hope that helps you understand a bit better!



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