It is incredibly disheartening and unrealistic to set the expectation of perfection for yourself. I completely agree with you — consistency is far more important than excellence because when practiced devoutly, consistency will eventually lead to excellence.

Consistency in practice is what allows us to grow, learn, and excel. Deliberate commitment and practice are the building blocks to success.

Andrea Duckworth, in her novel, Grit, mentions deliberate practice and how boring is often us. Nonetheless, she emphasizes the crucial role deliberate, tedious practice plays in achieving success. It’s highly motivational and I highly recommend reading it — if you haven’t already.

You have an excellent concept of greatness and how it is defined over time rather than instantaneously.

After all, most successful people have a few notable accomplishments sprinkled amidst years of hard work and consistently showing up.

Great piece! I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Holistic Wellness | Psychology | Mental Health | Mindfulness | Nature | Powerful advocate of positive psychology and intellectual curiosity :)

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