Morning routines are incredibly vital to maintaining a productive lifestyle, but having a routine may be more important than the routine itself. Routines are instilled in your brain as habits, and habits are an excellent productivity practice.

That being said, spending the morning meditating, making the children breakfast, or tackling laundry could be as useful as Hardy’s unique morning routine. Of course, provided that these individuals carve out time to be productive later in the day. Productivity isn’t everything! Household chores, tending to the children, and self-care all contribute to your overall work-life balance.

Personally, I take a long, hot shower each and every morning. It’s how I start my day and I wouldn’t feel the same without it. It amazes me, when I read these articles, how few of them mention showering, brushing their teeth, or using the bathroom in their morning routine! It appears that many of them lack these basic biological needs and are able to dive right into their work first thing in the morning! What about basic self-care?

Nonetheless, I agree that a morning routine is essential and good habits are indispensable if you wish to lead a productive life.

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