Much like the experience I had when I received the wonderful compliment of being included in your list of insightful writers at the conclusion of this article. What a great feeling, I’m so happy to have been one of those to inspire you :) It truly means a lot.

This is a great post, Joren. Truly uplifting, and utterly genuine. I love the sentiment about “banishing your ego.”

Last year, I read a book entitled Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. It drastically shifted my thinking in regards to my own egocentric tendencies. As humans, we are so naturally inclined to view the world from an egocentric perspective that it often slips between the cracks in our mind. We don’t even realize we are doing it!

For that reason, I think it’s critical to become aware of our ego — as you did here. Excellent post, Joren. I look forward to reading more of your work!



Holistic Wellness | Psychology | Mental Health | Mindfulness | Nature | Powerful advocate of positive psychology and intellectual curiosity :)

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